My EZDSK Review


My EZDSK ReviewI have been in the online trading business for almost a decade and even though I have seen ups and down throughout my trading career, I have always made it to the top and made fortunes for myself. However, there was always this feeling of being able to do more. I felt that I was not making full use of my trading potential but half the contribution towards this void was because of me but because of the brokerage that I was trading with.

Although, the brokerage was very professional and legit, but I still felt that it was not among the top trading brokerages that were supporting the same trading instrument. This was when my search for a brokerage began. I hoped to find a brokerage that could help me achieve my goal and take me to the highest level of the trading business. After spending a lot of time and doing lots of research, I was able to acquire a list of prominent and reliable brokerages but in the end, I chose EZDSK over others. So now, I will tell you why I made that decision.

Educational Program Offered by EZDSK

I could have begun by telling you about the trading accounts that EZDSK offers but I wanted to do it differently by starting with their educational program so you get to know why EZDSK is among the top and most prominent brokerages.

Online Courses

The first aspect in EZDSK’s educational program is their online courses that have been created and made available to the investors after careful analysis and gathering of the data. The courses are available in the form of basic, intermediate and pro level trading content so you can chooses the course based on your trading experience and make full use of the guidelines and knowledge provided in them.


The second addition in the educational program are the EBooks that are made available for investors that provide them insights, tips & tricks of the trading world and also, the experiences (both good and bad) of the trading experts. The investors can use this knowledge to enhance their trading skills and apply them in their daily trading activities.

1-On-1 Basic Trading Training Sessions

In my personal opinion, I found these trading training sessions to be extremely useful as I was able to clear my confusions right there and then and was able to ask questions that popped in my head and get their answers right away in the most comprehensible way.

Daily News Alerts

This is another very useful and essential feature that allowed me to make full use of the daily news that I received, giving me information on the instrument price and volatility. With the help of these insights and information, I was able to predict the upcoming events and make the right calls to increase my earnings.


If it were not for the glossary content, I would have been in the dark and unaware of so many terms that are used commonly in the online trading markets. This content also provided me information on the basic terms, and how they could help me improve my trading decisions.

Trading Accounts Offered by EZDSK

Now, let us discuss the online trading accounts that EZDSK offers their clients. When I went through the list, I was overwhelmed with the amount of services and facilities EZDSK provides and it was that moment, when my confidence gained a new level and I was no longer hesitant in investing my money.

So the first account in the list is Basic account that requires a deposit of minimum 1,000€, 2nd is Bronze with minimum deposit of 10,000€, 3rd is Silver with minimum deposit of 25,000€, 4th is Gold with minimum deposit of 50,000€ and the 5th account is Platinum, with minimum deposit of 250,000€. The last account in the list is the Black account that you can acquire either by getting an invitation from EZDSK or by a customer who is already Black account holder at EZDSK.

Once you get your hands on either of the trading accounts offered by EZDSK, you gain access to the benefits and features offered by EZDSK as well upgrades to the services that you are already utilizing with the current level account. The upgrades and services are account levels based but overall, you can avail the services such as educational center, 1 on 1 training sessions, personal account manager, trading signals, personalized trading strategy, PIA trading signals, PIA SMS signals, Webinars, daily market news/reviews and many more.

The Trading Assets That EZDSK Has Picked

If you have already researched through many brokerages to find the right one to invest in, you must have across many who must have been offering many instruments for the investors to trade. However, I found EZDSK doing exactly the opposite as they focused on providing investors with only one trading instrument that is e-currency trading that involves trading in centralized as well as decentralized currencies through online platform.

With these currencies, the investors have the chance to perform Forex trading where they can choose to sell one currency and buy another that has the potential to become more liquid than the currency being sold. The investors can either choose a centralized currency (GBP, JPY, EUR etc.) or decentralized currencies (Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum etc.).

Customer Service Offered by EZDSK

Just like the rest of the well-known trading brokerage, EZDSK has put together a team of highly professional and competent individuals who have gained vast amount of experience in the customer satisfaction sector. They are well versed in the policies and SOP(s) as well as fully capable of dealing with customer queries 24/6 in the most effective manner.

So What Are You Going to Do?

Admit it, I have enlightened you more than you could handle. However, do not get carried away in the waves of success and fortunes, as you may find failure just around the corner. As a fellow internet user and soon to be your fellow trader, it is my obligation to intimate you of the risks involved in the online trading business. The faster you are able to accept this fact the easier it becomes for you to remain patient and calm when faced with awkward and dire situations.

If you think you cannot remain calm and patient then you better looking for something else as you will find nothing in online trading.